Lok Samiti is an apolitical, secular, non-profit making humanitarian voluntary social organization formed of experienced and committed social workers from different parts of Odisha. The society came into being in the year 1995 as a challenge to the exploitative and oppressive situation that the weaker sections of the society lived in.


The organisation’s focal area of operation is the neglected rural society. It has been working since its registration in the inaccessible remote villages of Gajapati district of Odisha. Its main target population includes, inter alia, Dalits, Tribals and the other poor/ marginalized sections of the society.


Legal status:

Registration: The organisation got registered under the registration of Societies’ Act 1860 on 1995-96. It has been further registered under the FCRA-1976 on February 2008 . Its PAN # is AAATL 5962 E and the 12AA #, 10/2009-10


Vision: The agency looks for a transformed society that would manifest itself through values like, humanity, social justice, equity, equality, truth, solidarity, inclusion, liberty of thought and expression, respect and love for one another and dignity of human life. In such a society men and women will be participating in all decision making processes, and education will bring about critical consciousness and liberation among the marginalized and excluded sections of the society from the dehumanizing factors and oppressive forces. Here human and material resources would be pooled together, managed and deployed towards the full scale development of communities.


Mission: Our Mission is the empowerment of people and their communities through multipronged initiatives and efforts along with their education, conscientisation, sensitization, organization and capacity building.


Goal: To help people move from naive consciousness and oppressive/exploitative situation to critical consciousness and liberation.

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